5 Home Cooling Myths

There’s nothing more exciting than enjoying the cool breeze from your AC unit during summer. On the other hand, not many people like the fact that energy bills often go higher when the weather is hot. In order to save money, there are lots of practices that people do to keep their houses cool. Perhaps you’re also doing some of these things, but the bottom line is, not all of these practices are true. If you want to distinguish cooling facts from cooling myths, you may read the article through and take note of these debunked beliefs.

Keeping Your Fan Turned On Will Make the Room Cooler

Many people think that in order to save on AC operating costs, they should keep their electric fans on even if they are outside. Honestly, fans don’t make rooms cooler. They only help circulate the air, which makes people feel the air on various areas of skin. As this happens, the body temperature goes lower, so it’s easy to think that the fan makes the room cooler.

Leaving the Fan On Will Help Me Save Energy

Leaving the fan on will not help you save on electricity bills, but will actually consume more energy so you have to pay more. Your air conditioner will consume the same amount of power whether your fan is on or not. It’s best not to use your fan if you’re happy with the temperature inside your room. The only exception to this myth is when the temperature outside is way too hot and you place the fan near the window, the air coming out of the fan can help prevent the hot air from entering the cold room.

A Bigger Air Conditioner Will Make Your Room Cool Faster

Keeping your room cool and comfy does not only depend on the size of your air conditioner. It is important that you get the right size of air conditioner to match the size of your room because this will help you save a lot of energy. Another thing that you need to check is how sealed your room is. Leaks can cause the cold air to escape, so make sure that all cracks and openings are sealed before turning your AC unit on.

Putting the Temperature Setting As Low As You Can Will Cool the Room Faster

Doing this won’t cool the room faster. AC units have thermostats that will automatically switch off once the desired setting is achieved. Cranking the temperature nob to the lowest and changing it often may only break the thermostat control and waste a lot of energy.

It’s Okay Not to Clean My Air Conditioner As Long As the Room Gets Cold

You need to clean your AC unit, even if it seems to work fine. In time, your machine will have a hard time producing cold air if the filter, fan blades and coils are dusty. If you are unable to clean your air conditioner, you can contact experts to help you out to ensure that your unit runs properly for a long time. Call us for all of your heating and air conditioning needs and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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