5 Signs Your AC Unit is Shot

During the hot months of summer, you are able to stay comfortable and cool with your air conditioning unit, until it malfunctions. When this happens, you are left to sit and sweat it out until a licensed professional arrives to check out the problem, unless you are a repair expert yourself. In most cases, we are not, but spotting signs and problems with an air conditioner before it dies completely is something we can do. Below are a 5 signs that your AC unit might need to be repaired.

Smell Coming from Unit

Many experts say that if you notice an acrid smell coming from your unit, this might be a tell-tale sign your in need of a repair. This could mean wire insulation has burned or an electrical short out has taken place. It could simply be that there is a high resistance inside the wiring. Another issue that may be evidence of a problem is if the unit is not working properly and seems to trip the circuit breaker constantly. If this is the case, it could mean an overload in the wiring is present and is creating electrical surges.

Unusual Noises

If you notice any different types of noises coming from your AC unit, this could be a sign as well. Noises such as growling or rattling could be an indication of a broken fan belt, defective motor or a loose part. If you hear a clicking noise, this could mean a capacitor or relay is trying to switch itself on. If your system is running but there is a lack of cooling, this could be a sign of a failed condenser or dropped Freon levels. You can feel the large copper line that comes from the condenser to establish if this is the case. If it feels cool, it is a different issue, but if it feels warm, it is most likely a problem with the Freon level or condenser.

Leaking Fluids

Air conditioning units can be subject to condensation when air that is moist passes along its cold evaporation coil. Even so, if it is visible that your unit is leaking fluid, you just may have a mechanical issue that requires the attention of a licensed contractor. Leaking water inside or outside your house might indicate a stopped coil drainage system. You might notice an oil leak which could result in a rust problem that will reduce efficiency. A big sign that your unit needs repair is if you spot refrigerant leaks.

Ice Forming on Condenser

If you are noticing a lack in cool air, it could be due to a blocked filter. If the flow of air is restricted, the cool air will be trapped in the system and cause parts to freeze up. If the condenser line forms ice build-up, it may be due to the filter. There could also be a bigger issue like a major blockage in the air ducts. Either of these issues will need a professional AC technician to come take a look and make a repair.

Poor Performance

Most of the problems listed above will result in a drop in performance of your air conditioner. For example, your unit’s efficiency will be lowered from refrigerant leaks and increase the time it takes for your room to cool off. Keep in mind that a broken AC unit will not always have visible signs. In some cases, you will notice issues in performance first before you notice a leak or noise. Checking your utility bills is a good way to spot a problem. Obviously, if your cooling costs spike, this could mean there is a problem. Hiring the services of a professional AC repair service to come take a look at your system and repair the problems will lower your monthly costs down considerably.

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