Ductless Air Conditioning: Features and Benefits

A centralized air conditioner is essential to create a relaxing and comfortable environment in your home. There are many types of air conditioning available in the market today, and each of them has their own lists of benefits and drawbacks. One such type of unit that’s been making waves in energy efficiency is the ductless air conditioner.

In this short guide, we will explore the features and benefits of this particular type of air conditioning and what sets it apart from the others.


If you’ve ever called on the services of HVAC professionals, then you know that installing a home’s air conditioning system can be quite a task especially if it involves installing the ductwork for the first time. Split type and mini-split type air conditioners forego the ductwork, making installation comparatively easier for contractors. This translates to lower costs for consumers.

Energy Efficiency

A ductless air conditioner uses far less energy than centralized air conditioners. These savings on energy consumption can cut your bills by up to 30% annually.

On the other hand, ductless air conditioning is limited in its coverage in that its range of effectiveness can only affect small areas at any given time. The ability to automatically control the temperature at specific areas is integral to an energy-efficient system called zoning.

Other Features

Your home’s air conditioner ductwork accumulates dirt and dust over time, which requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Because of this, ductless air conditioning is much better at maintaining air quality in your home. If your family members suffer from allergies caused by dust and other pollutants, having this type of unit will help alleviate this problem.

Ductless and Spotless From Air Quality Heating and Air

Ductless air conditioning offers a wide variety of benefits that can fit any customer’s needs. Learn about this type of air conditioners and more from the experts at Air Quality Heating and Air. Call us now at (408) 899-8878! Air Quality covers San Jose, CA and all nearby areas.