Home Energy Efficiency Tips

We use energy every day for our air conditioners, heating, lighting and office equipment. However, there are times when our energy bills are higher than normal; especially if the weather is extreme or we have appliances that require a great deal of energy.

There are several energy efficiency tips that will help such as tuning your heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems with an annual maintenance contract. With an annual maintenance contract your are ensured that a HVAC contractor will give you pre-season tune-ups before each cooling and heating season. Not only will this save you money and energy but your system will probably last much longer.

Another tip is to regularly clean or change your HVAC filter every month; especially during heating or cooling seasons. Dirty filters cost more to use, result in lower indoor air quality and stress the systems. In addition, by controlling direct sunlight through windows, you can block direct heat from heating up too much in summer months and allowing sunlight to come in when it is cold outside.

Trees help to shade a home and add comfort to those sitting outside on lawn chairs or on the porch. Interior curtains or drapes can also keep the inside of a home cooler or warmer; depending on the season. Fans do a great job in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. They also lower humidity and make higher temperatures much more comfortable. Another effective method in conserving energy is plugging leaks with weather stripping and caulking. This method is inexpensive and can be done in a morning or afternoon.

Turning off lights when not being used, replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps and adjusting lighting to your needs can also save you money.

By turning off machines when not being used such as computers, laptops and other machines; you can save even more on energy costs. Cleaning refrigerator coils twice a year can also help.

To save on water, fix leaks. Conserving water saves energy and money. Think about installing water-saving faucets and shower heads; they can save money, too.

Many have found energy savings by buying efficient appliances such as a new water heater and setting the water temperature at 110-120 degrees. This could prevent someone from being scalded and will lower your energy bill.

To conclude, home energy efficiency tips such as the ones mentioned above can save you time, money and effort. Call us for all your HVAC needs.

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