Inexpensive Bathroom Updates

4 Trendy Bathroom Updates Under $100

If you’re craving a bit of an upgrade to your home’s bathroom, but have found that a complete overhaul is way out of your budget, then we’ve got the perfect fix. We’ve put together a list 4 upgrades that you can do on the cheap!

Get a Better Bathroom for Under $100

These fixes will transform your space, making it more comfortable and enjoyable, without breaking the bank! Read on to discover 4 excellent ways to improve your space with these inexpensive bathroom updates.

Bathroom Updates Under 100

Looking for an Energy Efficiency Upgrade?

At Air Quality, we love green energy technology and are proud to offer our HVAC zoning services for our clients. We break down rooms into a series of “zones” that can be heated or cooled independently from one another. This allows better control of the temperature in your home as well as energy output. Contact us today to speak to a zoning expert.

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