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Installation and Maintenance of AC Coils

Your AC Coil Installation

There are two coils inside of your HVAC system, the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. The sole function of both of these devices is to move remove heat energy from the refrigerant into the air. On the evaporator coil side, refrigerant flows through an area of low pressure and expands inside the coil, chilling the coil. On the other end of the system, when the refrigerant is compressed it picks up heat energy which needs to be dissipated into the atmosphere, by way of the condenser coil and a fan. If the coil is not installed properly it will greatly affect the ability to move heat.

Maintaining Your HVAC Coils

Obviously any obstruction on the coil is going to compromise the ability for air to flow around it and in turn the heat-moving ability of the coil. The first step in coil maintenance is to clean any large-sized debris out from the coil. A hose or a brush can accomplish this with ease, as long as care is maintained to not bend the delicate fins around the coil.

The next step is to use a spray-on coil cleaner. This spray will get in the spaces in between the aluminum and dissolve any deposits, and pick up any dirt, dust or debris on the fins, and as the foam destabilizes into a liquid it will pull it with it off of the coil.

If you wish you can spray the coil down with water after that but in most cases it is not necessary. The foam spray will work to clean both the condenser and the evaporator coils equally as well.

Further Maintenance

Further maintenance of your HVAC coils more than likely means something is going afoul in the system and it needs to be inspected professionally. The number of issues possible that could prevent proper function is beyond the means of most homeowners to address practically or safely. If your coil needs maintenance give us a call to schedule a service call today!

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