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Natural Home Heating With Geothermal Heat Pumps

A geothermal heat pump aims to harness heat from the ground to make homes comfortable and habitable throughout the year. Heat pumps usually work by moving heat from one source to another; and the geothermal unit, in this case, transfers heat between the ground and the enclosed home interiors on the surface.  Layout and Working

4 Simple Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, most Americans spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. However, the air indoors can have up to five times more pollutants in comparison to the air outdoors. Of course, the former can be a great health hazard. The good news is it is not exactly difficult

Schedule an AC Checkup Today For a Rest Easy No Sweat Summer

Anyone that has ever experienced a Northern California Summer will testify that having a properly running ac is crucial to comfort. Unfortunately many ac systems show signs of troubles only on the hottest days of the year. In fact these are the days most ac maintenance service companies become the busiest. Having an ac maintenance

Improve the Comfort of Your Home with Professional HVAC Services

When you need air conditioner repair in San Jose, finding a company that can deliver quality results is definitely important. However, what many homeowners fail to realize is that their professional heating and cooling contractor can provide much more than quality repairs for their HVAC system. In fact, a leading HVAC contractor will offer a

Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Essential for my AC unit?

The air conditioning system of the home is essential to your loved ones comfort but many home owners do not understand that maintenance service is essential to the workability of the unit. It is important that the unit of the home is inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the unit is ready

3 AC Troubleshooting Tips Every Home Owner Should Know

The air conditioning system is an important part of the home. When the summer temperatures arrive, the home needs to be a cool and comfortable place. The air conditioning system is what helps everyone in the home be comfortable when coming in from outside. It is important that the air conditioning system stays in top

Energy Efficiency: What to Look For In a New Air Conditioning System

Picking an AC unit for your residence is actually simple if you like doing a little research. The sales representative in home appliance stores can easily also assist you and give needed details that will help you come up with a solid decision. All it takes is a little time, and some quantity of effort

Easy Air Filter Tips for a Warm Home

The last thing that you want during the middle of winter is a heating system that decides to give up the ghost. Even if your system does not break down completely, it may end up being ineffective in a lot of cases. This can be a serious cause of frustration and discomfort, especially if you

5 Signs Your AC Unit is Shot

During the hot months of summer, you are able to stay comfortable and cool with your air conditioning unit, until it malfunctions. When this happens, you are left to sit and sweat it out until a licensed professional arrives to check out the problem, unless you are a repair expert yourself. In most cases, we

Have A Well-Functioning HVAC And Get The Benefits Of Good Air By Maintaining The System Appropriately

Your HVAC system is always considered your friend but occasionally, it can turn out to be your foe also. But, you and you alone should be held responsible for its undesirable behavior. The appliance may certainly “misbehave” if you do not pay attention to its maintenance. When you install your new HVAC system, it will