What Are The Different Kinds Of Air Conditioning Systems?

As spring pushes winter into the rear view mirror, the promise of warmer temperatures means summer will be rushing in soon. While there might be a month and some change before you need to make the full switch over, it won’t be long before the cold of winter is a distant memory and one heatwave after another batters us with 90 and 100 degree temperatures. There’s no question about it: air conditioning weather is coming!

There are several different air conditioner types, and which one works best for you varies depending on your home, your budget, and what your specific needs are.

Central Air Conditioning
Central air is the most efficient and generally the most effective air conditioning system for a home or apartment complex. In most cases, at least when it comes to apartments, central air conditioning will be either installed, or not even an option.

When it comes to setting up a central air conditioning unit in your own house, this is often the most expensive option but it can create a system that easily cools every room in the house, allowing for a comfortable summer experience no matter how hot it gets outside.

Window Air Conditioning Units
Window air conditioners are among the most common options. This air conditioning type is easy to buy and is stuck in a window. A good unit can make one room incredible comfortable, or in a one story home will often be enough to make the entire floor extremely comfortable. Air units are made by a variety of companies and the price range can go from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand for high end models.

Portable Air Conditioners
Portable air conditioning units are an inexpensive option compared to most window units and come in both residential and commercial sizes and setups. Portable air conditioning units are fantastic for small apartments, bungalows, or single bedrooms in a home. Make sure to grab a portable air conditioner and not a portable air cooler, as the first one tends to work much better.

Don’t spend another summer in the sweltering heat. Call us for all heating and air conditioning needs!

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