What’s the Right Thermostat for Your Home Heating and Air Conditioning?

While you may think that your heating and air conditioning systems run with just a simple on and off switch, you’re sorely mistaken. To be able to get the most out of these systems, you need to set them meticulously, which is simple with the right thermostat.

When choosing a thermostat, you have to think of the following:

  1. How much control do I want over my temperature?

  2. How large is my cooling and heating system?

  3. Do I want an in-house system or something I can set wherever I am?

Types of Thermostats

The first thing to consider is if you want to set the temperature manually from inside the home or through the internet. Two types of thermostats are present for this. A manual, programmable thermostat lets you change the temperature and time the changes from a device in your home. A smart thermostat, on the other hand, can control your home temperature through an app that may be opened on your phone, tablet, or computer, wherever you are.

A manual thermostat lets you control your home temperature and air as long as there is power. At the very least, it can operate with a simple dial. For a smart thermostat, it depends on your internet connection and other parts of the machine. However, if you want the most versatility, freedom and intuitive technology, this is the best option.

Choose Your Stage

If you choose a traditional or manual thermostat, you also have to decide on how many stages your device controls. Typically, the more stages your thermostat has, the more settings you can have your heating and cooling systems at. For homes and apartments, two stages are enough. Only large buildings need three stages.

A Smarter Way to Control Temperature

Determining the right way to control your home’s temperature shouldn’t be too hard if you have an expert advising you. A professional will be able to help you see what your needs are and match them to a solution. Air Quality Heating and Air Conditioning can send a licensed professional to determine your heating and cooling needs. Set up an appointment with us by placing a call at (408) 293-7138.