As a Northern California Carrier Brand Factory Authorized Dealer of HVAC products, we at Air Quality Heating and Air Conditioning get a lot of questions from our customers regarding their HVAC systems. The questions range from basic to very in-depth, and while some questions will be specific to every customer – such as the type of unit, the climate in-which the unit is installed, and the average use of HVAC systems – we wish to give our clients a brief overview of the basic questions we run into most, and simple answers to those questions:

Q: What type of brands does Air Quality Heating and Air Conditioning install and replace?
A: While we are a Factory Authorized Dealer of Carrier Brand HVAC products, our technicians are fully-trained and able to install nearly every brand and type of air conditioning unit, heat pump, furnace and heating system. Call us to inquire about your make/model.

Q: Do I need a permit before I install or replace my home heating and air conditioning system?
A: There is not a definite answer to this question, as the permit requirements vary greatly by town, municipality, county, and state. We offer a consultation to our clients who are leaning towards a replacement or installation in-which we can discuss all details of the installation including if you will need a permit to complete the installation – in which case, we will help you through that process.

Q: What is an HVAC system tune-up and how often should it be performed?
A: An HVAC tune-up is essential to keep your HVAC system running efficiently throughout the year. With a tune-up from Air Quality Heating and Air Conditioning you can expect our technicians to check all aspects of your system and look out for wear and tear, and suggest further maintenance for parts that are wearing out, or issues that may arise in the future.

Q: How often do I really need to change my air filter?
A: Changing your air filter is not only important to filter out the basic contaminates that are flowing through the air of your home, but it is also important to change air filters regularly because a dirt and clogged filter will add extra stress and pressure on your heating unit, air conditioning system, and all other parts connected to the system. If this stress and pressure continues for a long enough time, you can expect the system to finally break and need expensive repairs. Our maintenance agreements will give you both scheduled maintenance and tune-ups, plus we will change the filters in your system for you.

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