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There is nothing better for your heating and air conditioning system than maintenance. Maintenance allows your system to work at peak efficiency year in and year out. A system that is maintained regularly experiences Considerably fewer breakdowns and extends the life of your equipment. The benefits of our HVAC Maintenance Agreements are:

  • Peace of mind- We take the worry out of remembering to maintain your equipment
  • Keep warranties from being voided
  • Fewer breakdowns and improved equipment efficiency
  • Priority service scheduling (repairs made after hours or weekends will be subject to overtime rates)
  • 10% discount on repair service (excluding after hour repairs)
  • Lower utility bills

Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreements

Heating Maintenance Agreements

1. Check refrigerant levels & pressures 1. Check ignition systems
2. Visual check for refrigerant gas leaks 2. Tighten electrical connections
3. Check condensate drain/pump 3. Test system safety devices
4. Tighten electrical connections 4. Check & adjust gas pressures
5. Check starting contactor 5. Clean flame sensor & electrical igniter
6. Check compressor and fan motor for proper voltage and amp draw 6. Check flue pipe
7. Check indoor coil 7. Inspect heat exchanger
8. Check blower wheel assembly 8. Check & adjust burners
9. Check outdoor coil 9. Lubricate as required
10. Check thermostat operation-level 10. Check blower wheel assembly
11. Replace or clean fliters/ Standard 1″ 11. Check thermostat operation
12. Lubricate as required


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